Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"BIG little brother"

This is my baby brother Atticus Finch.  The name I'm still struggling with, but mom named him, so I just got to roll with it.  When he first arrived, it was kind of awkward, he didn't speak much.  I thought a cat had his tongue (well it was funny to me).  He just ate and slept a lot.  Things were a little quiet for a couple of days, then all of a sudden out of nowhere he started attacking me (in a playful way).  I would let him have his way because he was so small,  but now look at him!!  More than four times my size and the energy of that bunny fellow in those battery commercials.  Ripping up the nice things in the house, leather sofa, doggy beds, window blinds, chewing on the parents comforter and shoes (well the shoe part is my doing).  It was bananas !!!!  Now I'm not going to say I haven't had my share of doing the same, it was just different seeing someone else doing it.  To this day we (my folks and I) must keep an eye on him.  Make sure he doesn't get into anything that will hurt him.  As the elders would say, "That boy is a little touched".  He's a german short-haired pointer.  The vet told us his breed is a little timid so when we're at the dog park, I have to take up for him , he gets intimidated by the larger dogs.  Which I don't mind it's part of my responsibility, being his little BIG brother.  "Mess with him, you got to mess with me!!"  I really love him, there's nothing I wouldn't do for him (I'm not going to cry).  It feels good taking care of him.  I have an older brother, his name is Oliver.  I will blog about him in the next post. 
I don't understand why some of the humans (yes , I said it) have a problem with their family members, they don't keep in contact with their siblings.  They argue with their mothers and fathers, no respect at all. I often hear them say, they can't help their families because they got their own responsibilities.  But that's not right your family IS your responsibility.  We're suppose to take care of each other.  Frankly you humans could really learn a lot from us dogs. 

  Well off to sleep I go, this weather today really makes me sleepy.  I'll catch you guys later.  

Now back to your regular scheduled program.

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